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Fashion Design Lab (FDL) is a portal that brings the most talented Greek and European designers to the US market. Inspired by design and following the principles of science, we bring an entirely new concept to the world of fashion that embraces experimentation, the thrill of the new, together with respect for timeless, iconic lines. At FDL, where fashion never sleeps, our mission is to provide a portal for new and creative designers to share their talent with the world. Each piece is unique, carefully curated, made of the finest materials and crafted with care, passion and love. We are always seeking new, innovative yet functional designs without compromising the quality and the craftsmanship to bring to our clients unique, amazing yet affordable pieces. 



Current collection

Focusing on perfect lines and cuts and using only natural materials, our Fall-Winter collection radiates luxury and unpretentious elegance, with a subliminal edgy vibe. Whether it is sophisticated women’s RTW, gender-fluid sportswear, handcrafted shoes or jewelry with semiprecious stones yet, priceless design; our styles blur the boundaries between art and function and are meant to empower and inspire the modern urban men and women. Natural silk, lace, leather, organic and cotton are the building blocks of our collection, bringing luxury and timelessness to our pieces.

We present here a few, selected styles from our FW18-19 collection. Enjoy!






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